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The PA grand canyon repeater group (PA-GCRG), a 501c3 non-profit, was founded in 1984 seeking to serve the community by increasing the ability of local Amateur Radio operators (HAMs) and is supported by grants and donations.  Recognizing the need to increase the range of mobile radios they established the NR3K repeater system using the cellphone towers of amateur radio.  The repeater system covers areas where cell service is unavailable including the canyon terrain, is present even when cell service is down and is maintained  by knowledgeable local members.

In conjunction with the Tioga County Department of Emergency Services, our new simulcast system covers all of Tioga County and into neighboring counties. There are also several specialty repeaters covering the state forest and canyon areas along with downtown Wellsboro. In addition the group has 2 popup repeaters that can be setup quickly in an emergency or to help with town events in remote locations. These repeaters dramatically extend the range that mobile radios can communicate, and has been essential for the safe operation of a number of events around the area that are important for tourism in the county, such as state forest marathons, STPR, Waste Management Winter Rally and PA State Laurel Festival Parade.

The group's work with the Tioga County Department of Emergency Services aims to provide emergency communications when all other systems have failed and go into areas not covered by other systems. In 2001, the Pennsylvania State Legislature recognized Amateur Radio Operators (HAMs) for their spirit and service.

Company Name:
PA Grand Canyon Repeater Group, Inc. (PA-GCRG)

66 American Street
Wellsboro, PA  16901


Joyce Howey